The Associació d'Idees EMA

The Associació d'Idees (Association of Ideas) is a non-profit organisation that has been responsible for the management of La Escocesa since early 2008. By applying a model of self-management, each artist is integrated into the centre as a partner for a fee of 100 euros per month. 


On January 16 2008 Barcelona City Council delivers the keys to building ‘B’ of La Escocesa to the collective for its use as an area of artistic creation for a renewable period of one year. From the first moment, the Associació d'Idées develops the maintenance work of the factory complex. In the primary phase, La Associació begins to work on cleaning up the ground floor of the building. The reconditioning work is tough, because the area is full of junk and rubbish. Once it has been emptied, the Associació builds partition walls to create separate workspaces for artists. After the construction of the internal staircase to access the second floor, by the City Council, the same process is performed on the upper level. After six months, the space is transformed thanks to the work of the artists themselves and the income generated by La Escocesa.

In the months of January, May and November 2009 there are public calls on the website of La Escocesa to fill the empty studios. Artists are selected by external jurors in order to guarantee transparency and independence.

Currently La Escocesa has 23 workshops in operation, of 25 and 30m2 at a price of 100 euros per month. There are more than 30 artists working in its facilities.

Internal Organisation

The Associació d' D'idees is currently composed of all the artists that have a studio in La Escocesa, as well as a cultural promoter.
The Board of Directors is renewed annually by vote in an Assembly. All decisions are taken by vote in an Assembly or by the Board according to the case concerned.

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Associació d'Idees EMA

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