Cinema a la fresca


can at the city imagine other forms to live and construct the urban room? It can the cinema of no fiction be an engine of imaginary afterlife of our realities?

Propose a cycle of cinema debates from films of no fiction that work surroundings of the themed of the city and the urban life for like this generate discussions with regard to our contexts and give place at new imaginary.

Organisation/curaduría collective resident of La Escocesa: Antonia Rossi, Carlos Vasquez, Catarina Botelho, Laura Arensburg, Marla Jacarilla and Valentina Alvarado


- 24 May:

Portrait Port Trade, David Batlle. Spain, 2014 (36 min)
Árboles, Colectivo Los Hijos. Spain, 2013 (61min)

- 31 May:

Park, Sofia Exarchou. Greece, 2016 (100 min)

- 14 June:

Country of todo at 100, Pablo Llorca. Spain 2014 (95 min)
Julio's The house Iglesias, Natalia Marín. Spain 2018

- 21 June:

The Noche, Edgardo Castro (135 min)

- 28 June:

Los Animales, Paola Buontempo, Argentina, 2014 (8.43 min)
The Plaza, Lola Clavo(59 min)

- 5 July:

26 Rue Saint - Fargeau, Maurgaix Guillermard, Francia (30 min)
Second session to confirm

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Fàbricas de CreacióXarxaProd

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Ajuntament de BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura

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Associació d'Idees EMA

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