17h - 20h (excepting on November 28th)
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Extemporaneous, from Latin ex tempore (“out of time”), refers to the construction of public discourse, which by the conditions with which it is delivered, it requires certain improvisation. The program is developed during 3 practical sessions preceded by a theoretical introduction, in different spaces of Barcelona: Escocesa, La Caldera, and Virreina Center of the Image.

The theory is often implemented in contexts that require certain adaptability to be able to respond successfully to its needs. In this way, contemporary cities as a natural space of revolutionary gazes will force a thoughtful but improvised approach that facilitates the resilient construction of another city.

In this context, this course is a formative proposal that articulates theory, critical thinking, and practice in a program based on collaborative and transdisciplinary practices. In this second edition of the course, we will focus on interventions around the body: the body as a space for learning and discovery, the body as a measure of space and time, the resilient body and the body as resistance. It is aimed at people from different fields of work and study (visual arts, dance, architecture, urbanism, anthropology, education, etc.) interested in the possibilities that contemporary arts offer when it comes to providing new ways of seeing, tools, and approaches for research about the city.

Organized by Mixité in the framework of Inter-Accions.

Free. Inscriptions at hola@inter-accions.org

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