Zosen and Mina Hamada present their first Duo show in Italy "Yin and Yang", at the Galo Art Gallery
dilluns, 18 maig, 2015 - 18:15 a dijous, 4 juny, 2015 - 18:15
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Based on the basic concept of traditional Chinese philosophical thought, the YinYang designates the combination of two principles indissoluble, antithetical and complementary combination an interaction from which the totality of the phenomenal world proceeds. Yin represents the feminine, the earth, the darkness, the black. Yang, the male, the sky, the light, the white. Dynamic symbol, it is the contradictory dual YinYang not typical of Western civilization, but becomes the archetype of the harmony of opposites, not defined in absolute terms but relative terms, since nothing can be considered totally Yin or Yang as one naturally contains part of the other.
This dichotomy, this simultaneous exchange, without any doubt is all more evident in the artist duo, Zosen and Mina Hamada.
Linked by an exaltation of color, taking influences from Fauves, they make their own potential expressiveness. Zosen and Mina are artists with different backgrounds and it is in Barcelona where they find their common ground. Zosen was born in Buenos Aires. Mina Hamada is Japanese, and was born in Louisiana but soon moved to Tokyo. Zosen has always shown an interest in street culture through skateboarding and after also through graffiti, punk and DIY culture. Mina Hamada has followed a more academic path related to illustration.
Their artistic commune took its first steps with the exhibition "Neofauvismo" in IAM Gallery in Madrid. Their creative collaboration can be interpreted as a reflection of the personal lives of young artists. During their artistic journey Zosen and Mina have influenced and enriched each other they strive to not preclude each others individual evolution by keeping alive the essence and originality of their work together and separately.
Internationally recognized, in their artistic union, Zosen and Mina are capable of uniting on different media, either canvas or wall. The individual processes and visual interpretation of their painting, which manifests itself with evidence through its own strength, happiness, joie de vivre and fresh visual impact. Compositions of shapes and purely spontaneous and intuitive figures are generated, normally without any prior composition, characterized by a total absence of outlines.
The work of Mina Hamada is a play of colors intensely tied to a study of forms, dynamic lines of floating ethereal at the same time delicate and vibrant on the canvas. Her artistic language was born as a simplification of nature, its forms that tell stories hidden by an abstract approach, passing through the genuine spirit of childhood, that vital energy that vibrates in every element.
Zosen develops more direct iconography and symbolism deeply tied to the folklore of different cultures. Combinations of Mexican wrestlers and African sculptures, calavera or masks the artist modernizes through the use of color and an ironic approach . Zosen models a symbolic world in which it is clear that the strength of the painting lies in the painting itself, in its bright color and its related chromatic contrasts, a world that simultaneously speaks and interacts with a vivid interest in the social criticism.
Following the theme of YinYang, Zosen and Mina Hamada have created works together as well as individually for the exhibition in the Galo Art Gallery in Turin which will inaugurate on the 02 of May 2015.

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