[PROJECTIONS FROM THE UNDERGROUND]: Cine ruso de los 80: Ven y Mira. 27 de mayo
Friday, 27 May, 2016 - 22:00 to 23:45
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Free entrance / Entrada gratuita La Escocesa , Centre de Creació Calle Pere IV 345 - Barcelona <M> L4 Selva de Mar - <M> L2 Bac de Roda + info: info@laescocesa.org www.laescocesa.org

La Escocesa presents a new underground film screening: Russian cinema from the 80's: 'Come and see'

Russian cinema from the 80's: Come and see
Friday May 27th at 22h.
The final film by master director Elem Klimov is a highpoint of Russian cinema, and perhaps the finest film about war ever made. A hallucinogenic nightmare of overwhelming intensity, Come and Seetakes the dreamlike poetry of Coppola's Apocalypse Now and Herzog's Aguirre and descends into a swamp of disorientation and brutality to create a singular cinematic work. Even more surprising then that this film was a fully authorised product of the state film studio, Mosfilm, and that its director, one of whose films had previously been banned by the censors, was able to produce an uncomprising work that draws on his personal experiences as a boy during the German occupation of Russia. Come and See, although critically lauded remains relatively little known, perhaps due to its supreme intensity; it was to be Klimov's final film, the director sure that he could do nothing more with cinema to follow up his masterpiece. We are excited to show this one of a kind film, which is a fascinating mix of auteurist and big studio film making, combining uncompromising politics and personal testimony with iconic cinematic visuals and ferocious performances.
Drawing from the world's rich vein of avant garde, experimental, underground, and otherwise provocative cinema, Projections from the Underground is a series of film screenings at La Escocesa programmed by resident artist David Franklin. All of the screenings are free and open to everyone, and we hope to create a communal experience for people to discover and enjoy cinema and art in an informal setting. 
Russian Cinema from the 80s: Come and See (Elem Klímov, 1985)
Friday 27 may at 22h
Free entrance
[La Escocesa, Centre de Creació]
C/ Pere IV 345, Barcelona
Metro L4 Selva de Mar / L2 Bac de Roda
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