ALTIPLANS: Attire to suit landscape

 Attire to suit landscape is an investigation on the approach to the landscape from a non-human point of view, through the making of a garment with which to experience the landscape. Framed in a broader artistic project called The Plantocene, this research is based on the need to approach non-human subjectivities in order to understand ecological systems and their complex relationships, and on the importance of direction in approaching the other: not from the approach towards the anthropic side, but from the willingness to go (or even be) beyond the human.

The process is structured in 3 phases, open to participation:

- Attire design: 4 professionals in the field of landscape, ecological restoration, design and tailoring and art will meet to design an attire with which people experience the landscape from the de-anthropomorphization of the human; an attire with which to become landscape. This mission implies reflection on what landscape is and how to confront it and the entities that make it up from a non-anthropocentric point of view.

- Attire making and transformation into landscape: Attire will be made, planted and exposed to natural and physicochemical processes for transformation into landscape. This means opening up participation to non-human living beings and to the natural agents of the environment, who will end up giving form and life to the outfit.

- Presentation of the results: We will experience in our bodies the attire to become landscape and we will share reflections on the experience.

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Fàbricas de CreacióXarxaProd

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Ajuntament de BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura

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Associació d'Idees EMA

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