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Reception until March 22, 2019

Open call for projects by Idensitat and La Escocesa on the theme of "Work - In transition" The main objective is to open up a channel of artistic research to explore the transformations and new imaginaries that affect concepts such as "work", "worker", "creative class", "factory", "production" "creative industries", "unemployment", "work flexibility", "division of labour" "entrepreneurship", "precariousness", "relocation", or other related words, and the relationships among them. At the same time, it is hoped that selected projects will involve people or groups from Barcelona’s Poble Nou district, always within the procedural logic of the project. The theme proposed here will be adapted to the "transitional" nature of the space at La Escocesa, as well as that of the neighbourhood, affecting equally the form as it does the structure or its function, as it has affected these things for quite some time. With this call, we seek to promote the intersection and the connections between research, experimentation, artistic practices and social space.

1. Object

The project of research and experimentation in the visual arts may be an individual or a collective project. It must be defined on the basis of the content, conceptualisation, methodology, planning and collectivisation strategies which it brings within a determinate artistic line, or around the work or the artistic career of the applicant, and always referring to the proposed theme.

Projects of research and experimentation projects are understood to be those which do not place a strong emphasis on the production of work, but rather those which cause their own creative processes to generate dynamics of collective participation (workshops, participatory performances, actions or representations open to the public, etc.), nuclei of conceptualisation and generation of contents (conferences, conversations, publications, etc.), and experimental projects of trial and error which emphasise the process and not the presentation of a finished work.
Although they may start out from the nucleus of a pre-existing work, or an ongoing line of artistic research, the proposals must emphasise a process to take place during a specific period of time (within 2019) and following a defined methodology, a defined schedule of actions and a detailed budget to cover the necessary expenses to develop the proposals.

2. Requirements of the applicants

To apply for this call, applicants must have a proven artistic career, and must reside in the area of Barcelona during the calendar period marked by the development of the presented project.
In the case of applicants who are resident artists in La Escocesa, they must be aware of their statutory obligations as members of the Association of Ideas EMA, in charge of the management of La Escocesa.
Applicants may submit a maximum of two projects, taking into account that only one of them may be selected.

3. Award system

The  award will be granted on a competitive basis and according to principles of objectivity, equality, non-discrimination and publicity, guaranteeing the transparency of the actions involved in the process. Selection of proposals will take place with a jury shared between Idensitat and La Escocesa.

4. Period and place of realisation

Selected projects must be carried out within the calendar year 2019, and in the designated venue (La Escocesa). The schedule of activities submitted must be carried out during this period. It is anticipated that scheduled activities will take place in La Escocesa, although the possibility of using spaces outside the centre, or of carrying out activities which do not require a physical place, may be considered.

5. Budget and Fees

The budget should be adapted to the project and its needs, and must reflect the following considerations:
- Fees for the artist applicant, calculated according to the criterion of 40 euros of per diem allowance, although the applicant may make a global estimate, calculating the days dedicated to the project.
- Production costs of the project.
The budget is 2,000 euros gross and will be subject to the assessment of the budget adjustment to the project.

6. Application and documentation

In order to participate in this call, the applicant must present the following documentation:
- application form, which includes the research and artistic experimentation project, the methodology to follow, a calendar proposal and an itemised budget estimate;
- file showing recent work or research (links may be included);
- resume, in the case of artists from outside La Escocesa.

Documentation must be included in a single pdf file, and sent via e-mail to the address with the subject "NEXES / POBLE NOU 2019". Files in pdf should not in any case exceed 10 pages, nor exceed 10 Mb in total. The file names must contain the name and surname of the artist or artists.

The deadline for submission of all the required documentation is Tuesday, March 26th at 1 pm. In no case will requests received after the indicated date and time be taken into account.

7. Evaluation criteria

Evaluation of the applications will be made in accordance with the following criteria:
- artistic interest of the project: interest of the research in relation to the proposed subject matter, significant contribution of content, interest of the methodology or degree of experimentation;
- development of the project: correct planning of the methodology and coherence in the calendar; Adaptation of the budget to the methodological proposal and the calendar, as well as to the low budget requirements of this call; evaluation of the strategies for the creation of communities;
- Applicant's career path: applicant's curriculum.

8. Selection process

In order to carry out the selection of candidates, a jury formed by members of the teams of IDensitat and of La Escocesa will be constituted.
The jury’s decision will be communicated to applicants during the month of April 2019, and will be final.
Through the websites of IDensitat and La Escocesa, the resolution of the call and the names of the grant recipients will be made public, once they have agreed by email to participate in this project.

9. Terms and conditions

Selected works will be the property of the author or authors. IDensitat and La Escocesa, as the organisations promoting NEXES / POBLE NOU, may reproduce and disseminate through all online publications or in paper format all or part of the programme, always quoting the respective authors and collaborating agents. IDensitat and La Escocesa may archive all documentation generated in this call.

Grant recipients must assume responsibility for the correct development of the actions proposed in the calendar and included in the project.
Grant recipients will receive the amount of money requested in a schedule of payments agreed between IDensitat and La Escocesa, and will assume the commitment of ensuring that the budget is adjusted to the project as it is being developed.
Grant recipients will undertake to periodically report on the activities and the correct development of the project, as well as any possible modifications which may arise.
IDensitat and La Escocesa will assist grant recipients in fulfilling their needs for the correct development of the project, offering special advice and continuing support in the matter of conceptualisation, production and communication.
Grant recipients will undertake to comply with the rules of use of La Escocesa, should they need to use the space.

The grant recipients agree to include in the communication and dissemination of all public interventions, that these form part of the NEXES / POBLE NOU project promoted by IDensitat and La Escocesa.
The means of delivery of the expected results will be agreed in advance, depending upon the nature of the selected project. The organisation will also be involved in the communication and socialisation of the results.

10. Acceptance of the bases

The presentation of the application to participate in NEXES / POBLE NOU implies applicants’ acceptance of the above rules.

(This open call is the result of the collaboration between the NEXES project of IDensitat and the Research and Artistic Experiment Scholarship of La Escocesa).

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