At La Escocesa we are opening a new way for Associates, designed for artists or researchers who want to become a member of La Escocesa and don’t have their own workshop.

Advantages of being an Associate:

1- Use of the comunal areas at La Escocesa, (without access to your own workshop) as well as use of all the resources and services offered by the center: Risograph printing, printing and binding workshop, meeting rooms, etc. (In the event that some of these services involve an additional cost, the appropriate fee will be applied.)
2- Become part of the Association of Ideas EMA, (the managing body of La Escocesa) a relationship through which you can participate in the conferences with a voice and a vote and have the same rights and duties as the rest of the Associates.
3- Apply to any vacancies and internal scholarships at the center, made for members.
4- Book a workshop in rotation, for the development of a specific project.
5- Contribute to broaden the social base of the open factory project of analogical creation La Escocesa.

Requirements to apply:

1- Be of legal age.
2- Currently be developing some artistic activity or research on issues related to art in general.
3- Send a completed application form via email to, accompanied by a letter explaining your artistic history and a brief description of why you want to become a member of La Escocesa.

The idea of the Associate is especially aimed at people who want to be a part of the artistic community at La Escocesa and contribute to the creation of the project collectively, not just to have a place to work or store material, nor to make exhibitions of work for your own benefit.

Applications can be submitted at any time of year via email, however acceptance of new Associates is carried out in January and July of each year. The Association Board, together with the center’s management meet a month before, in June and December, to evaluate the applications. The acceptance or rejection of the applications will be communicated to each applicant after their evaluation.

The half-yearly rate for Associates is €58. This amount is to be paid at the beginning of each period, in January and July.

Associates have the right to terminate their relationship with the association at the end of each six month period.




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