L’Associació d’Idees EMA announces an open call to apply for workspaces for artistic creation at La Escocesa, Centre of Creation located in Barcelona's Poblenou district.


About L’Associació d’Idees EMA i La Escocesa__

La Escocesa is a municipal public service and managed by L’Associació d’Idees EMA, an organisation made up of non-profit visual artists with a long history of continued artistic work in the same space since 1999. L’Associació d’Idees EMA was founded by artists of various disciplines which, at the time, rented the building from a private landlord. It became part of the open workshop circuit in Poble Nou in order to demonstrate its developing activities. In 2008 the building became public property, and the new relationship with the council enabled the association to continue its artistic activities, despite the lack of structural renovations of the building, which has maintained its particular Bohemian imperfections ever since. Its consolidation as a Centre of Creation has meant continued development of an space  in the context of visual arts with its own distinct personality.

Managed by L’Associació d’Idees EMA, La Escocesa promotes and participates in activities of Poble Nou and Barcelona in order to encourage interest in art, especially in contemporary visual arts (painting, sculpture, mural painting, illustration, installations and performance). It offers workspaces for artists to research and create, whilst publicising their work. La Escocesa also aims to unite Catalan artists locally and internationally.

As an integral part Barcelona City Council’s Centres of Creation, La Escocesa receives grants, and therefore both the City Council and the Catalan Government add to the revenues of the Association to develop its work. La Escocesa actively collaborates with other creative spaces and networks of Centers of Creation in Barcelona, ​​Catalunya and abroad.


Description of the open call

La Escocesa is offering an open call for eight artists in residence with several spaces available for temporary projects. The workspaces measure approxiamately 7x5 meters  (35 m2).

1. Residential long-term (2 years *)

A- Residence during the period 13 February 2017 to 13 February 2019

B - Residence during the period 13 February 2017 - 13 February 2019

C - Residence during the period 13 February 2017 - 13 February 2019

D - Residence during the period 13 February 2017 - 13 February 2019

E-  Residence during the period 13 February 2017 - 13 February 2019

2. Residential short-term (6 months)

F - Residence during the period 13 February - 13 August 2017

G- Residence during the period August 14 - 14 February 2018

 3. Residential short-term (4 months)

H - residence during the period 13 February - 13 June 2017

I - Residence during the period (dates to be agreed)


Any visual artist can apply for the residencies, regardless of nationality, birthplace or place of residence.

Applicants may apply for more than one residence.

Artists who have completed long-term residences at La Escocesa, Centre for Creation may not apply.


The new resident artist must agree to use the workspace for artistic creation.

Rental price per month:

Individual artists: €130

Groups of artists (max. 3 artists): €200

Deposit: €180 returned at the end of the stay

●        Residences lasting two years are extended for a third year depending on the evolution of the artist’s work

●        The associative nature of the centre dictates that resident artists must participate in coordination meetings, internal workshops and the annual collective exhibition

●        The resident must sign a commitment contract which sets out the rights and regulations for the proper use of the workshop

●        They must complete  tracking documentation to justify their output during their residency.

●        The price includes Wi-Fi internet, electricity, water and bills; use of common areas (kitchen, the Espai M exhibition space, shared computer use, multi-use hall and technical equipment and materials belonging to La Escocesa).

●        As a resident, you will be able to apply for grants for living abroad and production/exhibition that are held internally each year. You will also have the opportunity to exhibit at La Escocesa Espai M exhibition space.

●        La Escocesa promises to promote and publicise the work of artists by means of their website, social networks, printed materials and catalogue of residents.

●        The artist will have the possibility of participating in production or exhibition projects in collaboration with other initiatives arising from the cultural context in which the center is integrated.

Parameters for assessing candidates

●        Artistic interest of their work

●        Level of involvement and dedication to their work

●        In the context of residence, a range of activities and workshops open to the public will be positively viewed. Activities with the possibility of remuneration.

The jury

To ensure fairness and objectivity, the choice of the occupation of spaces will be carried out by an external jury. This jury is chosen by the association with the assessment of professional agents to ensure the artistic line of the project.

This jury is made up of six members in the following structure:

Three external members:

Irina Mutt

Ariadna Parreu

Pilar Cruz


One member of the Institute of Culture. City ​​Hall of Barcelona

Esteve Caramés

Two internal members (de l'Associació d'Idees / La Escocesa)

Idoia Montón, artist

Montse Valls, artist

Member of the PAAC to ensure transparency and best practice in the procedure. (Non-voting).

 Selection and Calendar

●        27 December 2016: Open call begins - accepting proposals/nominations

●        January 29, 2017: Open call ends

●        30 January to 3 February 2017: Assessment meetings take place, with review and selection of candidates.

●        6 February: Official selections are announced


The result of the open call will be emailed to all all artists who have submitted their application correctly. Once interested parties have been notified, the results will be posted on the website




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Ajuntament de BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura

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Associació d'Idees EMA

In collaboration with:

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