The first edition of the Lateral Programme of Contemporary Studies of La Escocesa is conceived as a training complement aimed at students of arts and humanities. It is articulated through transversal lines of reading that interpret the different activations resulting from research and active artistic experimentation throughout 2019. Through these readings, accompanied by specialists, the sessions are interrelated and acquire a formative dimension, complemented by practical sessions, presentations and projections.

'No és diumenge!, tot i que caldria preveure si caldria preveure el si caldria.

can at the city imagine other forms to live and construct the urban room? It can the cinema of no fiction be an engine of imaginary afterlife of our realities?

L'experta en comptabilitat i gestió Isabel Sánchez Massadi oferirà una sessió formativa sobre facturació, organització i gestió de l'autònom per a artistes.

Taller dedicat a artistes, per a experimentar i conèixer la tècnica de la risografía, el seu mecanisme i els seus processos.

 Attire to suit landscape is an investigation on the approach to the landscape from a non-human point of view, through the making of a garment with which to experience the landscape. Framed in a broader artistic project called The Plantocene, this research is based on the need to approach non-human subjectivities in order to understand ecological systems and their complex relationships, and on the importance of direction in approaching the other: not from the approach towards the anthropic side, but from the willingness to go (or even be) beyond the human.

Excitar-se és sortir-se de si, és habitar el petit i subtil escletxa que existeix entre els nostres cossos i altres cossos, entre el meu cos i el teu cos, és compartir-nos en aquest desbordi. Excitar-nos és posar-nos en estat de fermentació, exaltació i agitació; és electritzar-se, encendre's i expandir-se cap a fora. Explorarem formes de sortir-se de les vores corporals i disciplinàries per a trobar-nos en aquest delicat espai de plec que es dóna en el nosaltres i habitar-ho.

The jury formed by the team of Idensitat and La Escocesa has unanimously decided to resolve the call NEXES POBLE NOU projects / research and experimentation 2019 with the following requests:

we’ve finished landscape dinner. Here’s a good reason why you might want to hear and take it with you (and keep it somewhere safe). Didn't you hear what it was like?


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